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A 12 week programme building on from the tier 3 programme, now mastering the Game Performance training ethos of strength, movement & energy, already reaping the rewards of both progression and confidence and now aiming towards the top of the pyramid your 'potential'. This programme will further develop your movement, strength and fitness and take all aspects of your training to the next level and closer towards your max potential. Introducing more complex and dynamic movements such as Olympic Lifting and further enhancing your overall strength by introducing strongman training; bringing these strength movements into your ever growing conditioning training to get the max out of training and towards your fitness goals.


Advanced gym users/experience recommended (Gym membership needed).



- 4 progressive workouts per week.

 - Fitness testing to measure current levels and the ability to re-test and see improvment.

 - Program is delivered straight to your phone using our coaching app.

 - Video Demonstrations.

 - Alternative adaptations (easier/harder) for all fitness levels.

 - Introducing Olympic Lifting.

 - Introducing Strongman training.

 - More dynamic and complex movements.

 - Further developing core stability.

 - Building on more strength and power.

 - Mastering endurance and recovery.


Bring your best, make it better.

Tier 4 - 12 week Ultimate Strength & Conditioning Programme

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