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A 12 week programme that will bring together all aspects of your training by underlining the bodies movement patterns making sure you can move effieciently with good technqiue, building both size and strength globally across the whole body and developing your aerobic capacity by exposing your training to varies challenging conditioning styles. The core structure of this programme and training is where the Game Performance training evolves from, where you will then see progression and confidence grow within both your training and daily life.


Gym experience recommended (Gym membership needed).



- 4 progressive workouts per week.

 - Fitness testing to measure current levels and the ability to re-test and see improvment.

 - Program is delivered straight to your phone using our coaching app.

 - Video Demonstrations.

 - Alternative adaptations (easier/harder) for all fitness levels.

 - Improve core stability.

 - Improve size and strength.

 - Improve endurance and recovery.


Bring your best, make it better.

Tier 3 - 12 week Strength & Conditioning Programme

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