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A 6 week programme introducing the bodies key movement patterns and building a solid foundation to your fitness levels by working in varies training styles. Challenging progressive workouts that will give you an understanding of both movement and different energy systems, while also working on fundamental basic strength and improving the bodies ability to move correctly through mobility.


Ideal for beginners (No gym needed, can all be done from home).



 - 4 progressive workouts per week, with an additional mobility day.

 - Fitness testing to measure current levels and the ability to re-test and see improvement.

 - Program is delivered straight to your phone using our coaching app.

 - Video Demonstrations.

 - Alternative adaptations (easier/harder) for all fitness levels.

 - Basic strength movements.

 - Build a solid foundation to your fitness levels.


Bring your best, make it better.

Tier 1 - 6 week Fundamental Movement & Performance Programme

£45.00 Regular Price
£40.00Sale Price
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